MSDS shown are for crop products only please refer to Timber portal for further information.




Protectant Copper Fungicide AVAILABLE IN 15KG


For botrytis, downy mildew and phomopsis control in grapes. AVAILABLE IN 10L

Axis Gold

A systemic fungicide for control of disease in wheat, barley, oats, ryegrass seed crops, peas and onions. AVAILABLE IN 5L

Barrachlor 720

A broad spectrum fungicide for controlling a range of fungal diseases. AVAILABLE IN 5&10L


A systemic and protectant fungicide for control of various diseases in potato, vegetable brassica and carrot seed crops. AVAILABLE IN 5 & 20L


A systemic and protectant fungicide to control various diseases in potatoes, onions, lettuce and grapes. AVAILABLE IN 10L

Companion Gold

A bio-fungicide for prevention, control and suppression of powdery mildew and botrytis on grapes and ornamentals. AVAILABLE IN 10L


Liquid copper disease control in various fruit, nut vegetable crops. AVAILABLE IN 20L

Defence 500

To control of a range of fungal diseases in fruit crops, asparagus, glasshouse tomatoes, ornamentals and turf AVAILABLE IN 1, 5 & 20L


Protectant fungicide for blackspot control on pipfruit AVAILABLE IN 10 & 100L


For late season powdery mildew control in apples AVAILABLE IN 5L


For disease control in avocados, apples, peas, ornamentals and nursery stock AVAILABLE IN 1,5 & 20L

Max CL

For the control of a range of diseases on brambles, grapes and tomatoes and downy mildew on onions AVAILABLE IN 5 & 10L


for disease control in fodder and sugar beets AVAILABLE IN 10L


Controls powdery mildew on apples, field grown pumpkins and winter squash AVAILABLE IN 10L


Botrytis control in grapes AVAILABLE IN 10L


For the control of a wide range of fungal diseases in grapes, field tomatoes, potatoes, and vegetable brassicas AVAILABLE IN 5 &10L


A broad spectrum systemic fungicide controlling a range of diseases in many crops AVAILABLE IN 5 & 10L


Disease control in a variety of crops AVAILABLE IN 5&10L


Systemic fungicide to disease control in asparagus, potatoes, outdoor tomatoes onions and brassica seedbeds AVAILABLE IN 10L

Taratek 5F

To control a range of diseases of ornamentals, cut flowers, turf, timber and selected vegetables AVAILABLE IN 1,5 & 10L

Topsin M

For disease control in fruit, vegetables, turf and ornamentals AVAILABLE IN 5L

Tribute SC

For disease conrol in barley, oats, wheat, onions, peas and ryegrass seed crops AVAILABLE 10L